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Artwork by Jan Bethancourt

Our Name

Why the name Theresians?

Thèrése of Lisieux was chosen Theresian patron saint because she saw through the complicated spirituality of her own day. She worked out her own unique approach to God, apparently without entrenching herself in the more complex and sometimes stifling forms of spirituality and theology developed by many theologians and spiritual directors over the centuries. St. Thèrése knew how to communicate with God and love the people in her midst at any given moment. More recently, studies of the spiritual practices of her time, with their maudlin piety and florid imagery, and Thèrése’s own straightforwardness, indicate her almost radical approach toward spiritual development. She sought a means of going to heaven by a little way, a way that… (was) very straight, very short, and totally new.

From The Theresian Story, Women in Support of Women by Elwood C. Voss and Patricia Mullen (A Theresian Publication, 1968), page 15.