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Artwork by Jan Bethancourt

Starting a Community

There are three steps to take if you would like to form a new community with women from your area.

Step 1

Request information through the Theresian office: 

Theresians International 
1237 West Monroe Street
Springfield, Illinois

Phone: (217) 726-5484
Toll Free in the U.S.: (888) 545-7230
FAX: (217) 726-5631

Step 2

Form a core group of 6-8 women who are interested in exploring what it means to be a Theresian community. We recommend a team of mentors who will journey with the new community from inception to chartering.  The formation process takes two years and follows the guidelines set forth in the manual, “A Formation Guide for New Communities,” available from the Theresian office.

Step 3

After the community has completed their 12-month Formation and they have called forth their first Leadership Team for year 2, an assessment is made of their growth and readiness to become a chartered Theresian community.  A Chartering Service, bringing the group into full communion with Theresians, is held for the community by their Mentors and Theresians serving in leadership.