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Artwork by Jan Bethancourt


I believe it was not luck that brought me to Theresians, but rather it was my relationship with friends who were Theresians, and seeing they had something in their lives that I was missing. Now I feel it as a true privilege to be part of this beautiful, global group of women, who really are connected to each other, through prayers, their care, support and love of each other, and their willingness to grow together in their faith in a very special way.

Sharon, Rosewood Community, Scottsdale, AZ

Love builds a Christian. Thank you, Theresian sisters, for helping build me – and for involving me in construction around the world.

Judy, Theresians VII Community, Houston, TX

Over the past 20 years, my Theresian sisters in my own community and across the world have truly become my “family of choice.” We support one another in prayer, friendship, fun, joy and heartache, all in the loving embrace of God and one another.

Claire, Espiritu Community, Houston, TX

Through Theresians International I have experienced a world-wide sisterhood, an awareness of local and global social justice issues, and a support community for myself and my family.  Attending national and international conferences plus email has strengthened relationships with women in far corners of the world.  The education and mission dimensions of Theresians have broadened my compassion and participation in women’s issues here and abroad.  Accepting leadership positions has helped me to develop skills and confidence.  I know in times of joy or challenge that my sisters around the world will be praying with and for me, my family, and my community.  Theresian communities are truly a blessing.

Rosemary S., Women of the Spirit Community, AZ

Sometimes when I am telling someone that I am a Theresian, I am met with blank stares.  "What's a Theresian?" I am asked.  And thus ensues the fumbling with words on my part in trying to describe the Theresian organization.  I can quote the Theresian motto. . . Women in Support of Women. . .  but I always feel the inadequacy of my explanation.  Theresians is so much more to me than just a cliché of words.  Yet, how do I explain the sense of sisterhood that comes from belonging to a worldwide community of women who emulate my same values regardless of race or culture?   How do I express the joyfulness that results from praying and sharing with a group of women who help deepen my own faith life?  How do I put into words the sense of comfort I have in knowing that I am blessed with lifelong companions who shelter me in the needy times and rejoice with me in life's celebrations!    Yes, it is difficult to describe this beautiful kaleidoscope of Theresian women with black and white statements.  Perhaps because, for me, Theresians is a language of my heart and not of my head.

Sandy S., Reflections Community, Fort Bend, TX

It began with a call.

"Come and see," God invited.

I heard God calling me to Theresians.  I was a bit surprised.  I had what I considered a rich spiritual life.  I felt satisfied, content with my life in general.  My comfort zone was complete.

So, why this call?  Why now?  What more could I need or want?  Wondering what this group could add to what seemed like an already-full life, I responded "Yes" . . . but slowly and cautiously.

And now I wonder why my hesitancy.  God loves us so much.  He knows what we want.  More than that, He knows what we need, and He offers us everything that we need.  We grow to become the person He created us to be when we are vulnerable, when we realize our dependence, when we trust in Him and follow where He calls.  Our patroness, St. Thérèse of Lisieux, inspires me in this childlike trust.

Founded in the Catholic tradition, Theresians is a worldwide COMMUNITY of small communities of Christian women who encourage and challenge each other to make spiritual development a priority.  Gathering monthly, we nourish and sustain each other on our faith journeys.  As our motto states, we are "women in support of women . . . reaching out with Gospel values."

The Five Dimensions of Spirituality, Community, Vocation, Ministry, and Education are the heart of Theresians.  These five characteristics were already each a meaningful, individual “slice” of my life.   My participation in Theresians has synthesized these into a coherent whole.  Spiritually, my dependence is maturing.  My community of dedicated, faith-filled, compassionate, prayerful women is my accountability network from easiest to most trying times.  Vocation enhances living out my baptismal call to holiness.  Ministry strengthens my global focus.  Education nurtures wide-ranging ways to authentically exercise my beliefs.

Through Theresians, I stepped out of my comfort zone.  I allowed vulnerability to surface.  I embraced a broader, deeper accountability.  I have grown closer to God.

It begins with a call.  If God is inviting you to Theresians, either directly or through others, "Come and see."  I'm grateful I did.


Kathy M., Simplicity Community, Round Rock, TX  

I am a Theresian through and through and will remain one into the next life.  Why?

The 5 dimensions speak to my soul and help me to live my life fully and in balance.

But most importantly, my sister Theresians and I have shared intimacies that many long for and never attain.  We have laughed, cried, disagreed, moved into consensus, and shared our joys and sorrows.  We love one another despite our different personalities and different views.  Through our varied life’s challenges, positive and negative, we have grown closer to one another and to our Lord. 

On a personal note, my Theresian sisters were there for me and my loving husband through his cancer and my two back to back rotator cuff surgeries, which occurred at the same time.  I received meals, housework, rides to therapy, massages, ironing, baths, etc. when I couldn’t do anything for myself and my husband was too sick to help.  Their prayer and physical support throughout this dark period in my life was vital.  While in prayer one day, I received an image that describes it:  their prayers and works of mercy for my husband and me were like the webbing in a hammock that supports a person.  As anyone who has used a hammock has learned, the only way to relax in a hammock is by “letting go” in it.  We were able to let go of our concerns through the wonderful support of our sister Theresians and our family and friends.  I am blessed to be a Theresian! 

Denise D., SISTERS Community, Lake Charles, LA