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Artwork by Jan Bethancourt

Theresian Leadership

Local Leadership Team

Within the Theresian organization, there are many opportunities to serve. Beginning with her own local community, each Theresian is encouraged to share her gifts by serving as one of the community’s five team members.  From there, women are called forth to broaden their service in leadership on the national and/or international level.

District Leadership Team

District Leadership Teams are formed to provide leadership in areas where three or more communities are located.  A representative from each community comes together regularly to plan Days of Prayer and to offer support to local communities within that geographical area.

National Leadership Team

Each country calls forth the gifts of women yearly to serve on the National Leadership Team (NLT). The NLT dedicates itself to fostering leadership and expansion by updating leadership and spiritual resources.  The Team seeks to call communities within their respective countries to a deeper unity and holiness.

International Leadership

Theresians International has one governing board that meets bi-monthly.  Every member country offers a representative from each region within their country to serve on the International Board.  The TI Board works collaboratively with the Executive Director of TI.