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What is Theresians International and how large is the organization?

Theresians International is a Catholic organization open to all Christian women. Membership appeals to women of all ages – single, married, and vowed religious. There are over 1,800 women in nearly 140 small-faith communities in nine countries around the world.

What is so unique about this organization?

The unique feature of this organization is the combination of the Five Dimensions: Spirituality, Education, Community, Vocation, and Ministry. It is a women’s organization led by women.

Why is being in a small faith community important to Christian women today?

Theresians believe that when Christian women bond together for the support and growth of one another, they have tremendous influence for good at home, in church, and in society.

How large is the average Theresian community?

Theresian communities vary in size from 15-25 members.

Where are the world communities of Theresians International?

Presently, there are Theresian communities in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Ghana, Haiti, Mexico, and Thailand.

What can Theresians offer a Christian woman?

The Theresian organization strives to offer a balanced, Christian opportunity for the progressive, contemporary woman; therefore, many areas for her growth, enrichment, and awareness are made available to her. Monthly meetings, regional Days of Prayer,

National and International Conferences offer spiritual, educational and community experiences.

Do Theresians pay Membership Dues?

Yes, annual Covenant Commitment and Membership Dues are $100. Membership dues contribute to the support of the Theresian ministry worldwide.

Does Theresians International have a newsletter?

The USA Theresians publish Dimension Connections e-newsletter twice a year. Theresians International publishes the International Dimensions magazine once each year.

Is there a guide for women who would like to start a new community?

A Formation Guide with assigned Mentors lead all new communities through an 18- month process, which allows the community to bond together in Christian love.

How does Theresians International maintain its network of world communities?

The international network is maintained through its membership, the Theresians International Board of Directors, and through the Theresians International Office.