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Artwork by Jan Bethancourt

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Contribute to the Foundation

Contributions to the Theresian Foundation can be made in the following ways:

Celebrate Life Cards

Contributions may be made in honor of birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, or other occasions of life and love. Cards are available through the Theresian office or your local Theresian communities. Simply fill out the card and mail to the Theresian office with a donation of any amount. The recipient will receive an acknowledgement of the gift. You can make your Celebrate Life Donation here. 

Download a Celebrate Life Card here.     

Woman of Vision Recognition

This is an opportunity to recognize a woman whose life exemplifies living Gospel Values and the Five Dimensions. With a donation of $2,500 in her name, the recipient receives a beautiful crystal sculpture bearing the Theresian logo. These recognitions are presented at a gathering of Theresians, such as national and international conferences.

Silver World Pins, Five Dimensions Bracelets, Patchwork People Pins

These three lovely pieces are available through the Theresian office and our online Store. Proceeds benefit the Thereisan Foundation.

Planned Gifts

Donations can be made by those who wish to continue their lifetime giving on an ongoing basis, e.g., monthly, quarterly or annually.

Life Insurance

By naming the Theresian Foundation as a beneficiary on life insurance, the policy guarantees the payment of a fixed sum of money to the Foundation. Most cash value policies represent an asset that may be used for gift purposes. The gift can be made with presently owned and/or new policies.

Outright Gifts

Gifts may be made in the form of cash, stocks, securities, real estate and personal property. All are tax-deductible and some may have additional tax benefits. Please consult a tax advisor.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) can be funded with money and/or property. The assets are invested by the trustee, and the donor receives a specified return annually. Upon the donor’s death, payments cease, and the remaining trust assets go to the Theresian Foundation