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Artwork by Jan Bethancourt

Foundation History

The Theresian Foundation was created in memory of our founder, Msgr. Elwood C. Voss. Msgr. Voss founded Theresians in Pueblo, Colorado in 1961 on the feast of St. Therese of Lisieux. The seed money for the development of the Foundation came from the sale of the property that was owned by Theresians in Phoenix, Arizona. Shortly before Msgr. Voss passed away in 1990, the property was sold and the Theresian office moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. the proceeds from the sale of the property created the E. C. Voss Endowment Fund. In 2001, the endowment fund was incorporated into the Theresian Foundation, Inc. The purpose of the Foundation Board of Directors is to insure that the investments continue to grow in order to support the active ministry of Theresians International.