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Artwork by Jan Bethancourt

Women Before God

United States

Women Before God Community in Springfield, IL was chartered in April, 2000.  We just celebrated our 16th year as a community at a weekend retreat and Midwest Regional Gathering for Theresians on April 29-May 1, 2016.  We are happy to be part of this amazing community of women who focus on living Gospel values and the Five Dimensions of Theresians.  We look forward to the next 16 years together.  

Our current membership includes:   Jolynn Adams, Barbara Fuhrwerk, Carolyn Bodewes, Mary Ann Burns, Patty Drake, Katherine Elsner, Barbara Erdmann, Mary Kay Hinkle, Marion Hitchens, Sharon Jones, Linda Kennedy, Kathy LaMarca, Ela Martin, Sharon Jones, Leticia McMillan,  Mary Staudt, Rosario Valdez, and Robin Yoggerst,  

The second photo here is the logo we used for our Midwest Regional Gathering.  The theme was Embracing Our Sacred Journey of Wisdom.  It was a beautiful weekend of reflection and sharing our faith with one another.