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Litany of Solidarity

In the dawn of a new day, we praise your glory in new sisters we greet
In your powerful presence
In the gift of friendship
In living Thérèse’s simple way.
Guide us, O God, to trust in your presence with us each day.
May we follow your way in the company of your saints,
especially St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Prayer by Margaret Wheeler

Today and every day, Theresian women stand in solidarity through prayer and action with women throughout the world.

1.       With women living in poverty and with women whose long suffering is tested every day in every land, we stand in solidarity.

2.       With women caught in the web of domestic violence and with mothers nurturing children in strained situations, we stand in solidarity.

3.       With women around the world whose family members are deployed  in military service, with active duty women and women in the reserves, and with women veterans who are rebuilding their lives, we stand in solidarity.

4.       With women caught in the web of human trafficking, such as prostitution, forced labor, forced marriage, and torture, we stand in solidarity.

5.       With women suffering female genital mutilation, we stand in solidarity.

6.       With girls who are forced into marriage as children, we stand in solidarity.  This practice leads to serious issues in child bearing, resulting in ruptures, child mortality and fistulas leading to being ostracized from their communities. 

7.       With women whose children are sold into slavery as servants and sexual slaves, we stand in solidarity. 

8.       With women in mourning, we stand in solidarity.

9.       With women who watch their children waste away from malnutrition, we stand in solidarity.

10.    With women in war torn places who become tools of war, victims of gender violence,  and instruments of brutal sexual torture, we stand in solidarity.

11.    With women and girls denied education and opportunities to discover their gifts and with women denied professional recognition because of the misogynistic and patriarchal attitudes in churches, businesses, and governments, we stand in solidarity.  (The DVD, A Girl Rising is an excellent resource on this topic.)

12.    With women of indomitable spirit who sustain the roots of human development and who risk death to protect their children in homes, in hospitals, schools, and the villages and cities of this world, we stand in solidarity.

13.    With women who seek to restore right relationships in their families, with spouses, children, and extended family, we stand in solidarity.

14.    With women who speak, write, sing, and create art that addresses the dignity inherent in all women, we stand in solidarity.

15.    With women emerging in leadership in church and society, we stand in solidarity.

16.    With our Theresian sisters everywhere and with Theresians who say “Yes!” to serve on the local, district, regional, national, and international levels of leadership, we stand in solidarity.

We, as members of Theresians International, stand in solidarity with women who suffer in all parts of the world for all reasons.    May the gentle hand of our loving God embrace the world and help all people to see the full value of half the human race.