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Prayer for the Growth of Theresians

Loving and gracious God,
You gathered women in the
early days of Theresian formation
to be supportive to one another,
to grow in spiritual depth, and
to fulfill your work in women’s lives
who lacked a community of sisters.

We have danced in your love,
formed a tight web of spirituality,
heard the voices of global sisters,
served the church and community,
and created a setting for
nurturing women everywhere.

We now ask in humility to guide
our efforts in inviting women
who are searching for community.
Show them that Theresians is a
place of rest, of support, of prayer,
and of true sisterhood.
Create in them the desire
to take this step in their journey,
and to recognize the rewards of life
within a Theresian community.

Holy Spirit, give this gift to women
around the world who see their lives
without value, without love, and
without an anchor for their spirituality.

St. Therese, pray for us.